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When your child misbehaves, what do you want to accomplish? What do WE want as parents?

What is the goal of disciplina?

The word discipline comes from Latin and it means teaching, learning, and giving instruction.

Here are quick tips to enhance the education of your little ones

1- Say no to unwanted behavior and yes to the child by connecting with her: Use deep, empathetic connection with clear and firm boundaries that create needed structure in the children’s lives.

2- Redirect your child (no more reacting)- Now that child is able to process information, redirect her toward more appropriate behavior by showing her better ways of handling her/himself.

3- Before reacting to a child's behavior ask yourself these questions: Why? What? How?

Why did my child behave this way? What lesson do I want to teach at this moment? How can I best teach this lesson?

4- Different kids will require different responses to the the Why, What, and How questions- the point of these questions is to make disciple less reactive and more active and intentional for parents and caretakers, take a closer look and consider children’s personality when answering the 3 questions before disciplining your little one.

5- Instead of lecturing, ask questions: E.G. let’s say your child is late to turn in their homework:

Opposed to saying anything like this: “ If you’d just started earlier… You need to be more responsible… Don’t you listen in class?”

Try asking questions empathetically instead: “I wonder why you are having a hard time with your homework right now….” Ask yourself: what do I want to teach, and how can I best teach it?

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