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Milestones 0 to 6 months old

Tracking milestones is a game changer for parents when it comes to keeping on top of your baby's growth. Here are some of the most important milestones from 2 to 6 months old, sleeping milestones will be added on another post, enjoy the reading :)

What to expect from 0 to 2 months:

By 2 months baby should be able to:

Social/ emotional milestones:

  • Calms down when spoken to

  • Looks at your face

  • Seems happy to see you when you walk up to them

Language and Communication:

  • Makes sounds other than crying

  • Reacts to Loud sound

Cognitive Milestones (learning thinking/problem solving)

-Watches as you move

- Looks at toys for several seconds

Movements/ Physical development:

  • Holds heads up on tummy

  • Moves both arms and both legs

  • Opens hands briefly

What to expect from 2 to 4:

By 4 months baby should be able to:

Social/ emotional milestones:

  • Smiles on his own to get your attention

  • Chuckles (not yet a full laugh) when you try to make her laugh

  • Looks at you, moves, or makes sounds to get or keep your attention

Language and Communication:

  • Makes sounds like “oooo”, “aahh” (cooing)

  • Makes sounds back when you talk to them

  • Turns head towards the sound of your voice

Cognitive Milestones (learning thinking/problem solving)

  • If hungry, opens mouth when she sees breast or bottle

  • Looks at his hands with interest

Movements/ Physical development:

  • Holds head steady without support when you are holding her

  • Holds a toy when you put it in his hand

  • Uses her arm to swing at toys

  • Brings hands to mouth

  • Pushes up onto elbows/forearms when on tummy

What to expect from 4 to 6:

Social/ emotional milestones:

  • Knows familiar people

  • Likes to look at himself in a mirror

  • Laughs

Language and Communication:

  • Takes turns making sounds with you

  • Blows “raspberries” (sticks tongue out and blows)

  • Makes squealing noises

Cognitive Milestones (learning thinking/problem solving)

  • Puts things in her mouth to explore them

  • Reaches to grab a toy he wants

  • Closes lips to show she doesn’t want more food

Movements/ Physical development:

  • Rolls from tummy to back

  • Pushes up with straight arms when on tummy

  • Leans on hands to support himself when sitting)

What to expect from 6 to 9:

Social/ emotional milestones:

  • Is shy, clingy, or fearful around strangers

  • Shows several facial expressions, like happy, sad, angry, and surprised

  • Looks when you call her name

  • Reacts when you leave (looks, reaches for you, or cries)

  • Smiles or laughs when you play peek-a-boo

Language and Communication:

  • Makes different sounds like “mamamama” and “babababa”

  • Lifts arms up to be picked up

Cognitive Milestones (learning thinking/problem solving)

  • Looks for objects when dropped out of sight (like his spoon or toy)

  • Bangs two things together

Movements/ Physical development:

  • Gets to a sitting position by herself

  • Moves things from one hand to her other hand

  • Uses fingers to “rake” food towards himself o Sits without support

What to expect from 9 to 12:

Social/ emotional milestones:

  • Plays games with you, like pat-a-cake

Language and Communication:

  • Waves “bye-bye”

  • Calls a parent “mama” or “dada” or another special name

  • Understands “no” (pauses briefly or stops when you say it)

Cognitive Milestones (learning thinking/problem solving)

  • Puts something in a container, like a block in a cup

  • Looks for things he sees you hide, like a toy under a blanket

Movements/ Physical development:

  • Pulls up to stand o Walks, holding on to furniture o Drinks from a cup without a lid, as you hold it o Picks things up between thumb and pointer finger, like small bits of food

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